Horses are amazing creatures

Posted by Natalia on August 2, 2013 at 10:30 AM

It never ceases to amaze me how horses can change and express the liking for something they have never done before. At this time we are teaching the advanced riders to jump over small obstacles.

Choosing the right horse was not easy since neither of the horses had jumping experience. Since Gizmo was one of our most reliable horses, we decided to do a test run. Gizmo instantly loved it. Ever since that first time jump, Gizmo has made a enormous change. He always was a little on the plump side but a bit of a belly, just like a old man ( which he really is at 24 ). Now he looks like he has turned 10 years younger and he looks great.

Horses will use a totally different muscle combination in different disciplines. For example : racehorses one retrained for adoption, have to build up muscles they had not used intensively before. It changes the whole conformation visibly.


Gizmo now looks so different that our riding-moms asked me who the new horse is and pointing to Gizmo. His belly is gone, every muscle in his hind is visibly very strong, his shoulder and chest muscles have thickened as well.  He looks GEAT !!


Low and behold, Ginger found her love for jumping too. It doesn't take but a second in the arena and she is ready. It brings a smile out in all of us watching her. The old girl perks up and one can almost see the wooohoooo she must be feeling each time she jumps.

The proof is in the pudding : " you can teach an old horse new tricks.! "


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