Ginger !

Posted on December 31, 2012 at 9:30 AM

Our old lady is now 31 and suffering from artheritis. She might be still able to carry the very beginners in a walk untill the rest of her days ( she would not like it otherwise ) but it is time for her to be lazy and just hang out untill she goes off to better pastures. With this we had a need for a lesson horse. Thanks to Julie, we recieved a surrender / donation and her name is Ginger ( view photo album ) Ginger has made herself at home already. Some of our lesson kids came over and gave her much love and lots of treats. Ginger seemed to be in hog heaven enjoying the attention. Ginger was in an accident a few years back and has a slight muscle injury which does not inable her much at all. Ginger is very experienced in western pleasure and will also suit my disabled daughter as a riding horse in small competitions. Due to major snowfall we decided to let ginger out into the big pasture. it took her 5 minutes to cliam the leadership and she is grasing peacefully with the other horses now. We want to extend our gratitude to Julie . The lesson horses make it possible to feed all the rescues. Ginger is not up for adoption and has a home with us for the rest of her life.

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