Samson ( Sammy ) 21

Posted on July 25, 2013 at 11:45 AM

Sammy is the newest member of our family. Sammy has always been very loved. He used to be a therapeutic riding horse and then was given to some folks who love him very much. He displays a slight tendon and weight problem which is easy fixable . Sammy is about a sweet, 16 hand, gentle Tennessee Walker. It didn't take but a soft whinny for him to sneak into all of our hearts. At this time we are concentrating on having him gain weight and he sure is. A 3 acre pasture full of sweet clover and good grass as well as a twice a day sweet feed with weight gainer and bran is what he surely loves. He doesn't even miss the other horses. He is too busy getting spoiled by the kids. They feed him carrots, some cucumber and even my apple tree got raided. Sammy is also making friends with the dogs, cats and the neighbors pig.

Sammy is NOT open for adoption. He has a forever home with us.


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