Sammy update

Posted on April 27, 2014 at 1:05 AM

Sammy has packed on a lot of weight and finally his spine is not protruding  any longer. He looks huge and intimidating but he is just a sweet and loving guy. He specially loves BJ, my disabled daughter. They have a very special bond and it shows.

 We found out that Sammy is smarter than a whip. Part of the pasture was reseeded just a few month back and the young grass sprouts are showing. We figured, since all the other horses respect the vinyl hot wire even if it has no electric run through , it would be ok just to run 2 strands of it on ea side of the pass over so the horses won't get into the newly reseeded area.

 Everybody but Sammy stood away from it. I noticed the wire being up but Sammy ending up daily in the new seed area enjoying the tasty young grass sprouts. I kept wondering how in the world he got in there.

For 1 week we opened the fence 2-3 or 4 times a day to get him back out into the main pasture.

Then finally today I caught the Houdini. Sammy would lower his head until he felt the top row slide past his neck then he would step with one front hoof onto the lower row to pin it down . Amazingly, one would think he would get caught up once he steps over, but NOOO.

 He would step over with the other front hoof, shift a little to the side and bring one hind leg over , step with the other hind exactly on the lower wire relieving the front hoof. He then marched on letting the upper row slide along his back.

I thought first : " NO WAY, THIS HAS TO BE A COINCIDENCE !! I coaxed him to come back over. ( You all know what the rattle of feed in a bucked does LOL ) Surely enough he did just the same.

We have seen Sammy just pushing against a  fence if the current is not very strong, specially when Sammy wants to be on the other side of the fence.

David enforced the lines today and hooked up 2 more chargers. While he was working, Sammy was dancing around him, watching closely and messing with David by stepping in and out of the new hot fence line.( before it had an electric charge )

So far I have not seen him in the reseeded pasture. I reckon, time will tell. LOL. It is impossible to be stern with Sammy. He is such a clown and a even bigger hugge bug. He makes us laugh and we love him dearly.

Look at new pictures posted of Sammy in our rescue album.

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