I am  running free in ever green pastures !

Her last breath was in my arms, as she went to better pasture. She lived for 32 years and we had the

 privilege to have her with us for 19 years. Her arthritis  had gotten severe and she couldn't get up anymore.

 With a heavy heart we decided to  let her go to be FREE !!   Memorial Day 5/26/2014


August 19th 2016
Haeven claimed another angel
Chris ( Christian Soldier 30 )
has joined some of our senior angels in better pasture.
Chris has been living his old days out with us since 2011...
Chris was a show horse in the excalibur in vegas for most of his life
until he got hurt and somehow ended up in sedalia where we came upon him.
He was surrendered to us because his owner had abandoned him.
We fixed his bow-tendon and Chris was as good as new.
Chris was one of the most amazing horses we have known.
He was very much loved and we will miss him
God speed old friend
Chris ( Christian soldier ..30 )

Angels hovering around me
calling : " Chris come on, it is time "
I look over and see bright light
Meadows green not far beyond
I walk slowly, my hoofs feel lite
the angels guiding me
I feel no fright.
I look back to my awesome life
Of vegas lights and good peoples care
and then i got to my last haven here.
I take another look back
to my wonderful life
It is hard to leave loved humans behind
but the angels keep calling
Chris .. walk toward the light
So I keep walking slowly
and I feel my wings growing
my spirit at peace and soaring.
I have arrived, I feel no pain,
In heavens pastures I will remain.

poetry by
Natalia Keller


With a heavy heart we say goodbye to " Rocky " ( 18 + )
He unexpected went to better pasture just a few hrs ago.

I was loved for years and then,,
I made a friend at years end....
She stole my heart
She tamed me down,
I loved her much
only she had the touch.
My old bones are tired
I need to lay down.
The spirits are calling :
Rocky, run to the light
I feel wings growing as I leap up and fly
to better pasture and I whinny

Poetry by
Natalia Keller.

title  IN EVER LOVING MEMORY HARLEY ... DOB ? - 02/01/2015

Harley ,, aprox. 28 has gone to better pasture this morning. He went on his own and very peacefully.

I'm at peace with wings of angels....
Pastures filled with luscious green
Never ending blooming meadows
At the end I gallop free.

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